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Imad Ahmado M.D.
Cyrus Akrami M.D.
Kavitha Bathala M.D.
Jaime Baylock M.D.
Dwayne Buchanan M.D.
David M. Chan M.D.
Kenneth Cline M.D.
Abed E. Dehnee M.D.
Nanette Fabi M.D.
Kevin Fagan M.D.
James Habib M.D.
Rewa M. Hasanat M.D.
Ebony Johnson M.D.
Vivek Kaistha M.D.
Mary Kanashiro M.D.
Mark Kozloff M.D.
Kimberly Kruczek M.D.
Srinivasu Kusuma M.D.
George Miz M.D.
Peter Neale M.D.
Chisalu T. Nchekwube M.D.
Phillip T. Nigro M.D.

To our valued patients :  We are all facing challenging times during this COVID 19 pandemic.  We understand and are empathetic to the financial hardships our patients may be facing.  We would like to encourage our patients to call us at 708-862-7674 ext 1132; ask about increased flexibility regarding payment plans or inquire about our financial assistance options during this stressful time. 


COVID-19 Testing Billing Information : Insurance plans are now required to cover COVID-19 testing at 100%.  In addition, patients without insurance do not have to pay for COVID-19 testing.  We recommend that if you have been tested for COVID-19 and have questions regarding your specific benefits, contact your insurance company to get an explanation of your coverage. If you have received a bill from PHA related to COVID-19, please call us at 708-862-7674 ext 1132.  Thank you for your patience.